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Tie-Dex and Micro Tie-Dex Bands / Straps

Prevent EMP/EMI/RFI interference with BAND-IT Tie-Dex and Micro Tie-Dex Clamping

We supply Tie Dex and Micro Tie Dex Bands in both coiled and flat constructions. Preventing EMP/EMI/RFI interference with BAND-IT Tie-Dex and Micro Tie-Dex Clamping is easy and can be done with manual or pneumatic clamping tools. The Tie-Dex termination bands are patented by Band-It. Our company distributes, wholesales and supplies Tie-Dex clamping bands, tools and other products from Band-It. Please contact us for a Quick Quote and more info.

Micro-Tie-Dex-ToolWhat is a Tie Dex or a Micro Tie Dex Band

The Tie Dex and the Micro Tie Dex Bands are one-piece, stainless steel termination bands with low profile. Please see below some of their characteristics:

  • The Tie-Dex Clamping provides quick, easy, permanent EMP/EMI/RFI shield terminations on any backshell configuration - with no welding, no soldering, no crimping
  • Tie-Dex Bands and Tie-Dex Micro Bands maintain tension under the harshest conditions to eliminate potential leakage paths and prevent EMP/EMI/RFI interference
  • They are tested to shock, vibration and thermal cycles

Manual & Pneumatic Tie-Dex and Micro TieDex Tools and Kits

We offer Tie-Dex tools for both manual and pneumatic installations. Our Tie Dex hand tools and power tools can be adjusted for tensioning and you can terminate connectors at a much faster speed than other methods.. All our tools are portable. Please contact us today for:

  • Manual Tie-Dex Tool, Manual Micro Tie-Dex Tool
  • Tie-Dex II Pneumatic Tool and Tie-Dex II Micro Pneumatic Tool

    Pre-Formed Clamps from Band It
    Jr Lip-Wrap
    Jr Smooth Id
    Center Punch
    Special Buckle

    1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4"

    015", 020", 025", 030"

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AS9100 Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ANAB Acredited

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