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Connector Distributors for Corsair, Souriau, Reiku, Sunbank, Preci-Dip, Spacecraft, Aero Electric

Mil Spec Connectors, MIL-DTL-83513 Micro -D, and Micro 38999 connector

We are one of the largest and most reliable connector company, stocking all major QPL approved connector manufacturers: Aero Electric, Amphenol, Bendix, Burndy, Cannon, Deutsch, Preci-Dip, Flight Connector, G & H Technology, ITT Cannon, Matrix, Pyle-National, Radiall, RMS, Souriau, Trans Technology, TRW Cinch, Veam, etc. In addition,

Connector Distributor

- Large and expanding connector inventory
- Hard-to-find and out-of-production connectors
- Manufacturer of custom and specialty commercial and military connectors with different materials, finishes, accessories and insert configurations
- Free Connector Consultation Service
- Substantial savings on your connector requirements

Need it fast? Your off-the-shelf order can be on its way in as little as 3 hours

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One of the largest Inventories in the World

we have connectors for Airbus, Boeing and Douglas Aircraft. We are an authorized distributor and supplier for: Souriau, Corsair, Reiku, Sunbank, Spacecraft Manufacturing, Astro Tool, Commital, Glenair, Mencom, Ulti-Mate and Robert Technologies. As one of the most reliable Souriau distributors, we now offer the Micro 38999 connectors in three different versions: Bayonet Coupling, Threaded Coupling and Quick Disconnect (Break Away). We also offer MIL-DTL-83513 Micro -D connectors in both standard and custom configurations.

Esterline Souriau Mil-dtl-38999 Connectors

Corsair 26482 Series II with 48 Hour Shipping

Spacecraft Components Corporation stocks a vast Corsair 26482 Series II component inventory. We offer 2 day lead times and highly competitive pricing on all stock to build items.

Corsair 26482 Series 2 Connectors

Our large, comprehensive connector inventory encompasses plugs and receptacles of all types including coaxial, hermetic, firewall, environmental and non-environmental in both solder and crimp contact configurations. A complete line of connector accessories such as adapters, backshells, dust caps, cable clamps and strain reliefs is available for all connector types.

Since our founding we have established ourselves as an independent connector distributor and one of the most reliable, competitive suppliers of electrical connectors and connector accessories to the Aerospace, Airline, Computer, Electronic and Electromechanical industries.

Because we purchase our inventory in large volumes from connector manufacturers, distributors, as well as from inventories of original equipment manufacturers and US Government agencies, we are able to accord you substantial savings on your connector requirements.

Our Quality Control system meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-I-45208 and ISO 9001:2008.

Besides current MIL-SPEC and commercial connectors, our inventory contains many hard-to-find and out-of -production connectors. Whatever your connector needs, off-the-shelf or custom-configured, our expert professional staff can help you with your connector problems. If, however, the connector you want is not in stock, our Connector Locator Service will find it for you. Take advantage of our free Connector Consultation Service to find the right connector or accessory for your application. Simply give us your physical and operational parameters and we will provide you with a connector or accessory that will meet or exceed your requirements.

machine-shopStandard and Custom Connectors

We can supply connectors to the standard configurations or connectors reconfigured to meet the most stringent special requirements. These changes include but are not limited to, different materials, finishes, accessory and insert configurations not offered by other connector manufacturers as part of their standard product line.

As a value-added supplier of interconnect products we have the ability to reconfigure connectors to meet customer requirements by using components of other QPL manufacturers. We can assemble a custom or special connector to meet your specifications at a lower cost and reduced delivery time. We are so confident of our ability to deliver a connector that meets your requirements that we offer a Lifetime Warranty.

Please see below some of our connectors and contact us to Request a Quote.

One of the most Reliable Connector Distributors in the United States
Very Large Diversity of Interconnect Products, Components and Accessories

Components Corp


MS3100 - MS3108

Corsair Distributor


MIL-DTL-26482 Series 2

MS3470 - MS3476


MS3450 - MS3459

Souriau Distributor


MIL-DTL-26482 Series 1

MS3110 - MS3116

Micro 38999 Connectors
851 Series Connectors

Series 1,2 and 3

Preci-Dip Distributor

MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III, IV
MIL-DTL-26482 Series I, II


Sunbank Distributor

For all of your backshell needs

Reiku Distributor

Conduit systems, PMA Conduit

Buy Connectors - Very Competitive Prices for all Connectors and Interconnect Systems and Accessories

We  supply both US & European Style Connectors  from various connector manufacturers. If you don't find below the manufacturer you are interested in, or you need a custom connector, please contact us.

A  B Connector
AEP Connectors
Aero Electric  Connector Systems
Aiconics  Connectors
AirBorn Connectors
Airbus  Industries Connectors
AMP Connectors
Amphenol Aerospace Connectors
Amphenol/Bendix Connectors
Amphenol/Matrix  Connectors
Amphenol RF Operations  Connectors 
Applied Engineering Products -  AEP Connectors
Array Connector Corp.
Astro  Tool Connectors
Automatic Connector,  Inc.
Aviel Electronics Connectors
Band-it  Glenair
Bendix Connectors -  Amphenol/Bendix Connectors
Boeing  Connectors 
Burndy Connectors - Burndy FCI  Connectors
Cablewave  Systems Connectors
Caton Connector  Corp.
CE - Compliance Engineering
Chomerics, Division of Parker Hannifin  Corporation
Cinch Connector (Div. Labinal  Components Corp. & Systems, Inc.)
Commital  Connectors
Connector Accessories, Inc.
Connector Industries of America
Crown Connector, Inc.
DDK Electronics Connectors
Dage Electric  Connectors (Amphenol RF Operations)
Daniels  Manufacturing Connectors
Detoronics Connectors
Deutsch Connectors
ECI Technology A B  Connector
ESC Technologies Connectors
ESI  Connectors
Elecsys, Inc. - ESI Connectors
Electro Adapter Connectors
Electronic Seals  Connectors
FCI Connectors
FCI/Burndy  Connectors
FCI/Souriau Connectors

FXR  Connectors (Amphenol RF Operations)
Fastener  Specialty 
Flight Connector Corp. (Elecsys  Inc.)
G & H Technology Connectors
GRFF  Connectors 
General RF Fittings
General Connector (Wire-Pro/General Connector)
Glasseal Products, Inc.
Glenair Connectors
Gremar Connectors - ITT Cannon  Connectors
Hermetic Seal Connectors
Hi Rel  Connectors, Inc.
Huber & Suhner Connectors
Hughes Aircraft Connectors - Packard Hughes  Interconnect Connectors
ICC Connectors
Interconnection Products, Inc. (IPI)
IPI  Connectors
ITT Cannon Connectors
ITT  Cannon/Sealectro Connectors
J-Tech Connectors
Kings Electronics Connectors
Lockheed  Connectors
M/A-Com Inc. 
Malco  Connectors (Div. Microdot Connector Group)
Matrix Science Connectors - Amphenol/Matrix  Science Connectors
McDonnell Douglas  Connectors
MilCon - Phoenix/MilCon  Connectors
Min-E-Con Connectors
National  Power & Signal
Omni-Spectra  Connectors
OSM Connectors
Packard Hughes  Interconnect (Sub of General Motors)
The  Phoenix Company of Chicago

Power  Connector, Inc.
Pyle-National Connectors  (Sine Systems ¬≠Pyle Connectors)
RMS  Company (Electrical Connector Div)
Radiall  Connectors
Raychem Connectors
Reiku  Drossbach
Rhimco Industries  Connectors
Robert Technologies Connectors
SAS Industries
SBAC Connectors (Society of  British Aerospace Companies)
Santron  Connectors
Sealtron  Connectors 
Sealectro Connectors (ITT  Cannon/Sealectro)
Sine Systems-Pyle  Connectors 
Socapex Connectors
Solitron/Vector Microwave Products, Inc.
Souriau Connectors (FCI/Souriau)
Components Corp. 
Specialty Connector
SPIRA Manufacturing Corporation
Startronics  Connectors
Sunbank Electronics Connectors
TRW Connectors
TEC Ltd.
TED  Manufacturing Corp.
Tri-Star Electronics, Inc.
Thorn Electric Connectors (TEC)
Trompter  Electronics
Tru-Connector Corp.
Veam  Connectors (Litton/Veam)
Viking Electronics  Connectors
WPI/General Connector
Wire-Pro  Connectors (WPI)

Contact us today for more info and to buy standard  and custom connectors for: Aerospace, Airline, Medical, Computer, Electronic, Industrial, Rail, and Lighting Industries.


Spacecraft-Certs-2019 Horz

AS9100 Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ANAB Acredited

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Additional MILITARY Standard Topics: MIL-C-5015 G, Navy connectors,  VG95234 Reverse Bayonet Connectors, AS95234/1W10sl3p,, MIL-dtl-22992, AS95234 connectors, AS95234 reverse bayonet connectors, Thermocouple contacts MIL-DTL-39029,  MIL-DTL-26482. Series II. MIL-C-81703. Series III. MIL-DTL-83723. Series I & III. MIL-DTL-83733, M39029/9 -.132. P09-2020-615E, thermocouple manufacturers, MIL-C-5015, MIL-DTL-38999, M39029, AS39029, MIL-DTL-26482, MIL-DTL-22992, MIL-DTL-83723, M39029 /  AS39029 Military contacts, RFI / EMI Shield Termination Bands, RFI / EMI Shield Termination Straps,  emi/rfi-connector-bands, emi/rfi-connector-straps, RF Bands / RF Straps, EMI Bands / EMI Straps, RFI Bands / RFI Straps, Spacecraft M85049 termination bands, Spacecraft M85049 termination straps, Amphenol Aerospace connectors,Amphenol connectors, Amphenol cylindrical connectors, Amphenol  Miniature connectors, Integrated connectors, Reverse bayonet connectors, Backshells MIL-DTL-85049, Backshells AS85049, Glenair Backshells MIL-DTL-85049, Sunbank  Backshells MIL-DTL-85049, Subminiature  Amphenol connectors, RFI / EMI Shield Termination Bands, RFI / EMI Shield Termination Straps,  EMI/RFI Shield Termination, emi/rfi-connector-bands, emi/rfi-connector-straps, RF Bands / RF Straps, EMI Bands / EMI Straps, RFI Bands / RFI Straps, Spacecraft M85049 termination bands, Spacecraft M85049 termination straps, Amphenol Aerospace connectors, Amphenol connectors, Amphenol cylindrical connectors, Amphenol  Miniature connectors, Integrated connectors, Reverse bayonet connectors, Backshells MIL-DTL-85049, Backshells AS85049, Glenair Backshells MIL-DTL-85049, Sunbank  Backshells MIL-DTL-85049, Subminiature  Amphenol connectors,  Amphenol  VG95234





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