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Souriau Micro 38999 Connectors - Threaded, Break Away, Bayonet; MIL-DTL-D38999 Connector  Comparison

Souriau Micro 38999: Miniature Threaded, Break Away, Bayonet Connectors

Souriau Distributor

Our company distributes all the Souriau Micro 38999 connectors with their respective tools and accessories. As one of the most reliable Souriau distributors, we offer value added services, low prices and a commitment to excellent service second to none. Contact us Today for more info and to buy Souriau connectors.

We manufacture, distribute and market a very large diversity of cylindrical connectors, components, accessories and tools, such as the Souriau micro 38999 connectors in all versions: Threaded, Break Away, and Bayonet coupling. The micro38999 is smaller and more compact than D38999, however retains ann the technical features and excellence required by the military and the industry. The micro38999 miniature range are made to meet a new generation of defense and industrial applications where space and weight are limited such as Tactical radio, UAV, on board equipment, infantry, C4ISR, instrumentation, small equipment for industry. The micro38999 is the first complete platform of miniature products available on the market with a 38999 design in order to be compliant with the harshest specification: Vibration, operating temperature, durability, corrosion resistance, and EMI shielding.

Micro38999/D38999 Comparison

    Although smaller, the Souriau micro38999 has all the features and excellence of D38999:
    High grade thermoplastic insert
    Silicone elastomer grommet and sealing - from -55° to 175°C as in D38999
    Ratcheting system - Vibration: 44 grms at 125°C
    EMI shielding - As in D38999
    Triple-start thread
    Contacts according to M39029 design
    EMI grounding - Connection as in D38999
    Scoop proof - Contacts protected like D38999
    6 keyings - Same as D38999

Micro 38999 is a Solution for:
Density, Space & Weight Saving, Robustness, 38999 Design and Compacness

Souriau Micro 38999 Range

Download the Souriau Micro 38999 Catalog (pdf)

Micro 38999 Connector Matrix


Micro 38999 Accessories & Tooling

With the new miniature range, Souriau provides a wide range of accessories in order to offer an integrated solution . Please see below the necessary tools for micro38999 wiring and also recommended  accessories: braid, heat shrink boot, straight or elbow shrink boot and band-it.

  • Necessary tools for wiring: Crimping tools, Insertion & extraction tools, Crimp contacts and recommended cables, Band-it tool
  • Recommended accessories for wiring: Raychem Braid, Raychem Heat shrink, Raychem Straight heat shrink boot, Raychem Elbow heat shrink boot, Micro band-it

Souriau also provides additional accessories for micro38999 connectors:

  • Micro 38999 Caps - Souriau connector caps for the micro38999 series
  • Micro 38999 Gaskets - Souriau connector gaskets for the micro38999 series

For more info and to buy please contact us to Request a Quote.


AS9100 Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ANAB Acredited

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