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Preci-Dip Durtal Connector Distributor - Mil Spec, Screw-machined Contacts, Spring-loaded

Precidip Connectors  & Contacts for Military, Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer Electronics

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, our company is a Preci-Dip distributor offering connectors and contacts for Military, Industrial, Commercial, Professional and Consumer Electronics. Our specialists are ready to help you find the right interconnects for your application. With low prices, fast deliveries, reliable service and excellent customer support, our connector manufacturing and distribution company can be your One Stop Source. What sets us apart is our in house capability to customize your connectors built with Preci-Dip components, from connector design and engineering to manufacturing and tooling. Contact us today for: Spring Loaded Connectors, PCB Connectors, PGA / BGA / PLCC Sockets, Screw Machined Contacts, DIL SIL TO Sockets, MIL Connectors, MIL Socket Contacts, or MIL Pin Contacts, we can quickly offer you a solution within your budget. As one of the most reliable Preci-Dip distributors in the United States, we provide extensive consulting to a very large diversity of customers in need of precision connectors.


About Preci-Dip

Preci-Dip is a Swiss connector manufacturing company offering cutting-edge interconnect components. The Preci-Dip connectors, sockets, and contacts have advanced designs, top materials, and remarcable precision.

Key data for one of the world's leading producers of screw-machined contacts: 25,000 m², more than 20,000 different products, R&D supported by state-of-the-art CAD systems and 3D projections. Compliance with the Standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and MIL-Standard 790 verified in our own test laboratory. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

Ahead of its time, PRECI-DIP exceeds the world's most stringent environmental standards (Switzerland, California) . State-of-the-art filter systems help preserve the atmosphere, a closed water circuit protects the ground water and saves valuable resources. These are but some of the accomplishments the Company can be proud of. Environmental responsibility is a core value embraced by all PRECI-DIP employees.

  • Precision tools and contact assembly machines are developed, designed and produced by PRECI-DIP experts
  • Principle of vertical single-site command structure put into practice – from raw material to finished product, each step is under control
  • 300 high-speed turning machines for producing precision contacts made of various copper alloys having the capacity of more than 150 million pieces/week
  • PRECI-DIP is also a leader in spring-loaded contacts – a top-quality industrial production
  • Custom-made insulators for special requirements – 150 contact assembly machines for high-speed clip insertion in the contact body
  • Custom-designed products developed in close partnership with the client
  • SAP-supported production controls for short lead times
  • Expertise, qualifications and commitment for high output, flexibility and customer orientation. Under one and the same roof.

Please check the products below and contact us for more info and to buy Preci-Dip Connectors.

Ask us about: Preci-TRON, Preci-MOT, Preci-NRJ, Preci-AVIO, Preci-COM, Preci-CYB, Preci-DAT, Preci-LED, Preci-MED, Preci-MIL

Preci-Dip Connectors by Application:

  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Telecommunications
  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Data Aquisition and Processing
  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Transportation
  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Military, Aircraft and Aerospace
  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Automation and Industrial Equipment
  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Testing and Measuring
  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Medical Applications
  • Preci-Dip Connectors for Professional and Consumer Electronics

Our highly specialized sales professionals are able to cross reference and supply interconnects whenever you are searching for Mill Max or Yokowo connectors and contacts. Please Request a Quick Quote.


AS9100 Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ANAB Acredited

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