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Ulti-Mate Micro-D Connector MIL-STD-83513 and Combo D - Also Glenair, ITT Cannon, Cinch Duracon, Mini-E-Con & Cristek Mic Connectors

50 & 25 mil Ulti-Mate Connectors - Micro D Connectors, including MIL-STD-83513 and Combo D

Micro-D Overview

We distribute Ulti-Mate connectors, such as Micro D Connectors, including MIL-STD-83513 and Combo D connectors. Please see below some of the products we offer and contact us for more info and to Request a Quote.

  • Micro-D-ConnectorsMicro D Connector in line Series - This in line Metal or Plastic Micro D products offers a variety of configurations for wire assemblies or solder cup needed in applications that require the density of a micro-miniature connector.
  • Micro D Connector Circuit Series - Connectors that mate with units (above). Vertical and right Angle styles mounted to P/C boards. Styles 1, 4, 5 are meeting to MIL-STD -83513. Style 6, 8, 16 and 18 being the new designs offering a greater board termination space saving.
  • Micro D Connector Savers - Micro D Connector Savers are a "back to back" Pin and Socket configuration. Great for protecting equipment or expensive electronic boxes from high mating cycles and excessive wear.
  • Micro-D-Combo-ConnectorsCircular Micro-D RQ series / Quick Disconnect - The Connector RQ Series was originally designed for a quick disconnect connector for a small missile. It has since grown into a family of various configuration of simple push-pull hand disconnect. All have precision machined metal shells and are available in the sizes 1,2 and 3 layouts. Also, environmental sealing is available. This family provides all the advantages of circular connectors: ease of coupling, round cable bundle form, ease of panel mounting and space efficiency.
  • Micro-D Connector Combo Series - This unique series offers a combination of Micro, Coax and Power connection within the same connector.

About Ulti-Mate Connector Company

Ulti-Mate Distributor

Our company distributes all the Ulti-Mate Micro-D connectors including MIL-STD-83513 and Combo D. As one of the most reliable Ulti-Mate distributors, we offer value added services, low prices and a commitment to excellent service second to none. Contact us Today for more info and to buy Ulti-Mate connectors.

The Ulti-Mate Connector company is specialized in the 50/25 mil center connector field and has a broad selection of micro interconnection devices on the market, utilizing the most reliable contact design. Quality products, with a proven service record, will provide the solution to your Micro/Nano connector needs. Quality Control exceeds the requirements of MIL-I-45208

"Mite-Y-Pin" Contacts - Reliability is achieved through simplicity and consistency in this one piece, spring contacts. The #24 contact, for use on .050" center spacing connectors, has four equally spaced tines that provide excellent wiping action when mated to its tubular counterpart. The #30 contact for use on .025" centers has three tines. The low mass of these contacts and the three or four tines assure no interruption in shock and vibration modes. The #24 accomodates AWG wire size thru 30 gauge and the #30 accomodates 30 thru 36.

The Ulti-Mate connectors can be used in any application requiring high degrees of miniaturization, such as Space and Missile Programs, High Performance Aircraft, Medical Industry, High Speed Computers, DownHole Industry, and Telecommunications. High Density/Space Savings, Low Weight, Shorter Signal Path, High Reliability, and Cost Effectiveness.

Our Micro D Connector Capabilities

We are positioned in the market place to offer standard and custom micro-D connectors, designed, engineered and manufactured under strict quality standards.

  • Standard Micro-D Connectors, Custom Micro-D Connectors for both rectangular and circular applications from Ulti-Mate
  • Glenair Micro-D Connectors, ITT Cannon Micro-D Connectors, Cinch Duracon Microminiature D Connectors, Mini-E-Con Connectors and Cristek Micro D Connectors
  • Standard MIL-DTL-83513 Connectors and Custom MIL-DTL-83513 Connectors
  • Standard and custom cable assemblies and harnesses with Micro-D Connectors, including the Ml Spec Connector series.

Custom Micro-D Connectors

We offer our customers full design services, engineering, connector prototypes, development and manufacturing for unique, application specific connectors, including the ones incorporating the extremely reliable Connector "Mite -Y-Pin" contact system. From alterations / modifications of our standard Micro D products to unique designs custom built to meet your specific needs, let our specialists meet your custom connector design and products requirements.


AS9100 Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ANAB Acredited

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