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EMI/RFI Shield Termination Bands for Cables &Connectors to M85049/128 Shielding Spec

History of EMI/RFI Shielding Termination Bands

M85049-128-termination-bandAbout 20 years ago a company, Band-It, developed a stainless steel band/strap to terminate braid/shield onto an electrical connector. The standard method of terminating braid/shield at that time was by use of cone(s) on the inside of the connector backshell.

A proper termination requires several assembly steps by a skilled assembler. You can't just take someone "off-the -street" and expect them to make a proper termination. Additionally, you could not see/view the termination to determine if it was done correctly. Electrical and other tests are required.

With use of a termination band, the assembler places the braid/shield over the rear of the backshell, wraps the band around the shield 2-3 times and lightens the band with a tool.

This has proved to be a much quicker assembly method and you can see if the braid/shield is properly attached.

Glenair and Band-It secured a patent on this termination band but it expired on November 10, 2008.

Both Electro-Adapter and Sunbank designed bands to compete with Glenair but their locking mechanism was different and wasn't patentable.

Types of Cable / Connector Termination Band

There are two categories of termination bands. One is called Quarter Inch (Width is .250 ± .010 and length is 14.25 inches.) The other is a Mini-Band (Width is .120 ± .010) and (length is 8.125 inches.).

Coiled and Flat EMI/RFI Shield Termination Bands

The Termination Bands are used to attach a braid or a shield to a backshell. They come in two shapes: Coiled and Flat. Electro-Adapter, Glenair and Sunbank have such a device. Each company has their own tool. Some bands will only work when you use the respective tools. As an example: A Glenair band will work in a Sunbank tool, but a Sunbank band will not work in a Glenair tool.

Spacecraft is now in a position to supply equal parts to the termination bands from Electro-Adapter, Glenair, Band It and Sunbank. To find out more and to buy termination bands and mini bands, please Request a Quote.


AS9100 Certified, ISO 9001:2008 Certified, ANAB Acredited

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